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Artists Are Scientists came from an art history class

When attending art school an individual will learn that historically up until the late 20th century most of the artists were avid investigators of the sciences and appreciators of technology.

Society seemingly characterizes marketing as artsy. Which it can be. Artsy is an interesting term often referring to eccentrics like the person who died their hair colorfully in high school. Society has also had these extreme definitions of “Fine Art” vs everything else. Depending on the circumstances this definition might seem a bit unfair and exclusive. But there is a reason “fine art” is fine, and everything else is not. Most fine artists experienced years of education and investigation, seeking a higher state of communication. Historically, artists like Picasso, Seurat, most of your renaissance “ninja turtles” all were very well educated in both the arts, sciences and math. This is where the identity comes from.

To truly succeed at using art as a communication device, you must apply the sciences.

One of the best quotes about this is from British philosopher, Alain de Botton, and he talks about it in his book the Architecture of Happiness.

“The places we call beautiful are, by contrast, the work of those rare architects with the humility to interrogate themselves adequately about their desires and the tenacity to translate their fleeting apprehensions of joy into logical plans — a combination that enables them to create environments that satisfy needs we never consciously knew we even had.”

Some people think of abstraction as an involuntary movement or action that is the translation of one’s inner truth. Think Jazz right. What people fail to see is that a majority of Jazz musicians are either classically trained or have put in “mastery” levels of hours in devotion to their craft. This is an abstraction away from near-auditory-perfection.

Take Picasso and cubism for example. It would be easy to think he and his studio partner Braques were playing around with an idea when they reached cubism. After doing a bit of research, you just might come across this etching

What does this have to do with Marketing?

Marketing is using every means possible to communicate with a prospective buyer. Specifically the things addressed here will cover B2B marketing with a focus on the developer tools space. Marketing has grown into an artform, and disregarding any new technology greatly limits a company’s chances of reaching their prospective buyers.

Social Media
Video Hosting
Phone Calls

Each of these topics has an immense amount of value and should be investigated like they are a science.


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